A warrior woman’s story (Ep #49)

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with Kylie Lowe

Kylie Lowe is a true warrior woman and I’ve wanted to share her story with you for some time.

She is a true inspiration to know and watch. Diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in her 30s and a mother to two very young girls, Kylie embraced the fight and life.

Recognising the gift that various healing modalities provided her in her fight and recovery, Kylie was inspired to take her career as a social worker in a new direction, and along with her cousin, she founded Joining Hands, a social enterprise that provides health adn wellbeing services to young people affected by homelessness.

Now, she’s added a new strong to her bow: facilitating workshops to help women regain confidence and re-enter work or business.

All along the way she solo parents her two daughters, maintains her commitment to her personal wellbeing, and live life to the fullest.

We talk about all of her back story in this episode, and also what happened when she stopped drinking alcohol over a year ago.

Kyle is honest, open and big-hearted and you cannot help but be humbled and inspired when you talk with her. She is deeply passionate about helping the people she does and she never shies away from leaving her comfort zone.

She’s the type of woman we all need to surround ourselves with – the type who will inspire you to do better every day.

Enjoy the episode!

Connect with Kylie here:

Joining Hands

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