Creating abundance without earning a cent

You don’t need a million-dollar bank account or mansion to feel rich. You can create abundance without earning a cent, with a subtle shift in focus.

Often, especially when you’re meeting the needs of little people, life can feel like it’s lacking. Everything feels in short supply, from time and patience to money.

Our mind chatter – those thoughts of what we need to achieve, of mortgages and bills, or what we don’t have – reinforce the feelings so we become overwhelmed by the perception that our life is built on scarcity, when in fact it is overflowing.

Logging on to social media can further compound this if you buy into the comparison trap: thinking that everyone else is living more fulfilled, better, wealthier lives.  Every day life in our Western society has been geared towards acquiring more, doing more, earning more, being more – it has set us up for feelings of inadequacy and want.



You can enjoy million-dollar views without having to have earned it.


If you switch your focus though, life can feel very different. Even when you’re busy, working and juggling the kids, despite your bank account, circumstances or address, you can recognise and enjoy abundance in your life.

When setting my ‘tone’ for 2014, I decided I wanted to feel abundant. I wanted to ditch the feeling of lack, because I know how fortunate I am. Regardless of circumstances or bank balance, I wanted to deeply acknowledge abundance and prosperity in my life, so I am going about creating that feeling by paying attention to details.

Here is my abundance-creation list – the things that make me feel prosperous without  a bank balance coming into it.

  • Eating amazing food. Food that drips and crunches and with zing. Chilli and lime and food that once swam in the sea. Nutrient-rich, life-giving, succulent, luscious food fit for a queen.
  • Fill the table not plates – a table with colourful, delicious food laid out in front of us is an abundant sight.
  • Light candles, scatter colourful cushions, put some plants inside. Feather the nest with comfort and beauty.
  • Enjoy platters of decadent finger food and serve it outside. Live everyday like it’s a holiday.
  • Sip on herbal tea at night on the couch. Enjoy the feeling of security.
  • Dress up to show up, even if it’s just school pick up. Put on the lippy, line the eyes, flick the hair. Wear those free-flowing dresses and shoes that sparkle. Wide-brimmed floppy hats and painted nails. Put on some earrings and a wide smile.
  • Sit under trees and watch the view. We pay more for views wherever we go – they’re for those who can afford to pay more. But there are views for free everywhere and every day should have a space for a view.
  • Massage and facials. And acupuncture. Guilt free time to thank my body for all it does.
  • Baths – not every now and then but every week, with a magazine or book. And a glass of wine and rose petals. And oil and fragrance.
  • Swim at lunch time. Or walk barefoot in the grass.
  • Focus on generosity. Of spirit and time and energy. Give freely. There’s plenty to go around.


What would your abundance list look like? Share in the comments and spread some inspiration. x

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  1. Thank you for the reminder of how easy it is to nurture ourselves and live abundantly with everyday items. I,m off to have a bath

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