Ep 016: How to set goals and achieve them

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with Julia Bickerstaff from The Business Bakery

Knowing how to effectively set goals and the steps to take to achieve them is possibly one of the most powerful things you can learn and apply to your business.

Phaffing about (that is, spending your days without a true sense of what you’re doing or why) costs you time and ultimately, money because you’re not actually achieving the next step or working in a meaningful way.

Research shows that people who set goals, write them down, and focus on one things at a time are far more likely to succeed as opposed to those who don’t aim for specifics.

For this episode, I invited Julia Bickerstaff to come and have a chat about how to set goals and achieve them, as well as a range of other juicy biz inspiration.

Julia traded a high-flying corporate career with global consulting firm Deloitte to instead do her own thing and be available for her children.

She wrote a book, How to Bake a Business, and decided she wanted to work with people in ‘intentionally small’ businesses – those people who want to be in small business and stay a small business.

A presentation she gave on setting and achieving goals caught people’s attention and blossomed into the 100 Day Goal challenge, which she runs three times a year and so far has helped tens-of-thousands of women set and achieve their goals as a way to help them earn a healthy income.

Julia explains to us the psychology and reasoning behind the 100 day idea – it’s a long enough time frame in which to achieve something significant but short enough to stay motivated – and also the importance of choosing the right goal.

Some of her tips include:

  • Make your goal something you really want to do. If it’s not, you’ll find it hard to do the work.
  • Make your goal something you can measure and see.
  • Your goal should be realistic to achieve.
  • Choose one goal at a time and focus.
  • List actions that will help you achieve it.
  • Know the why behind why you want to achieve your goal – your motivation.
  • Don’t set your goals based on envy – what other people are doing. It’s important to set goals that feel good to you.
People who I see who work towards goals have an energy and commitment about them which other people don’t have. Setting goals and giving yourself time to do it in, makes you get in and do it and you can achieve things – you can do it!Julia Bickerstaff

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