Ep 019: Growing an online community

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with Sam Jockel from School Mum and Aldi Mum

Growing an online community is a central business marketing tool these days and an incredibly powerful one if you do it well.

Social media and websites give you the opportunity to attract thousands of fans, followers and readers who are potentially interested in what you do and what you can do for them, which creates a pool of potential clients or customers who are already interested in you.

You might not have heard of Sam Jockel by her name – she’s better known as School Mum or Aldi Mum, the two online communities she has grown over the past few years that have between them more than 400,000 followers.

She knows a thing or two now about creating an online community via Facebook and she shares with us in the interview not only her story but some great tips and ideas on how you too can grow your own online community.

She says the key is to solve problems for people.

If you can solve a problem for people, then you’ll do well.Sam Jockel

Sam talks about how she sees herself as a facilitator of her tribes, not a director, and how it’s helped build communities of people who rely on each other rather than her opinion, which is a powerful community-building idea.

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