Lighten up Sunshine!

As a born worrier and someone who tends to live inside her own mind, I have a tendency to be too serious if I don’t watch it. All the time spent with my own thoughts, being thorough, can weigh me down, slow me up. It can cause me to retract and retreat, to shrink from life. It reaches a stage when it becomes necessary to lighten up.

I don’t remember it being an issue BC (before children). There was no uncertainty, and little responsibility. It was a ‘live in the moment’ life. A ‘do as I please’ life. Now, it’s an ‘is this the right decision’ life. An ‘am I doing this right’ life.

And, what I want it to be is an “everything will work out” life.


To get to that space, I need to lighten up sometimes. To do things that I enjoy, and find enjoyment in the things I do.  It’s about experiencing joy.

Having joyous moments everyday is a key element of our health and long term happiness. Running around in the business of day-to-day often means we miss out on joy. We don’t seek it out but are happy enough if it lands in our lap. We might often question our happiness, but we rarely ask ourselves if we’ve experienced joy today.

Joy to me is the short bursts of glee or bliss or contentedness that comes from experiences I have. It can be as small as a good cup of tea or coffee in the stillness of the morning. Or sitting in the garden. Or eating home-grown vegies. Or on a bigger scale, the planning and taking of trips away, creating memories with my kids.

It’s about doing, rather than thinking.

Have you given any thought to joy in your life? What brings you joy?

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  1. Great newsletter this week! I admit to feeling like a bit of a failure to not following through on the detox (despite what I said earlier!) It’s great to hear you’re doing well now.

    I love your kale chips and last night gave them to the kiddies for the first time (I usually cook them once they’re in bed). I hardly got to have any, they both loved them. And I have to make up extra green smoothie now as Aggie loves them so much. Your recipes are really sensational, we use at least 3 on a regular basis now.

    Hope you’re well 🙂

    1. Aw Sara, thank you for such lovely words 🙂

      Please, please, please don’t feel like a failure in regards to holding off on the detox. You haven’t let yourself down at all – you’ve been doing so well! You have two little kidlets to look after, and a detox can be hard going for a couple of days, so the timing has to be right. You can still just do one small change at a time, and get to the same place.

      So thrilled to hear the kids are going green too 🙂 They’re so lucky to have a mum like you setting them up with fabulous eating habits right from the start. What a magnificant gift you’re giving them!

      Hugs to you xx

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