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Making time when you have none (ep #43)

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There’s never going to be enough time.

There’s never going to be more time.

There’s never going to be a right time.

Another time.

The perfect time.

None of those times are coming.

The only time you have is right now.

The only time you have are the minutes you are living right now.

What you choose to do with them determines how you spend your time.

How you spend this minute, this day, this evening, this week will eventually add up to the sum total of how you spent your life.

All the minutes and all the hours you spent watching TV, scrolling social media, doing chores, working long hours in a job to pay bills for stuff you don’t need or perhaps don’t even want – those are your life minutes.

Sure some of those minutes aren’t a waste, and in regards to a job, are even necessary.

The is a problem when those minutes eat into time you might have spent doing the ‘thing’.

The ‘thing’ you don’t have time for

There’s always a ‘thing’. Or several ‘things’.

The ‘thing’ that you always wish you had time for but never seem to do.

The ‘thing’ or ‘things’ that other people do but you don’t.

You don’t do it because the ‘thing’ isn’t urgent or important enough to actually do, to actually make time for. Or so it seems.

This is the problem with doing (or not doing) the things that sit on our wish list but never our to do list.

There will always – always – be something demanding your time that you perceive to be more important or more urgent than the ‘thing’ you’d like to do for yourself.

There will always be someone, some event, some chore, some commitment that you will believe to be more important or more urgent than the thing you need for balance.

In our busy, achievement-obsessed society, we are urged to keep striving and keep doing, with little thought given to whether it’s actually the best use of our time, or even necessary.

We push on, filling our time with a perpetual list of achievements that need repeating daily, and then give ourselves a ‘break’ by logging in to an artificial community designed to distract us for hours so that people can make money from our attention.

And while our attention is focused on all of these outer ‘things’, our inner being craves the other ‘thing’ that we never have time for.

Time is really an attention issue

Where our attention is directed is a choice – we have free will in this and we are giving it away for free to ‘things’ that don’t necessarily serve us well or represent tremendous value for the limited asset that is our time.

What if you valued your attention as much as Facebook advertisers do?

What if you valued your time more? Would you willingly give it away to the seemingly urgent or the useful but meaningless things you currently do?

Or would you decide that your time is better spent on something that may seem unimportant in the outer world, but to your inner world would bring a rich reward?

The non-urgent and seemingly unimportant things like: walking, sitting on the grass beneath a sunny or starry sky, writing, creating art, stirring a pot on the stove, turning yarn into a treasured blanket, reading and dreaming, meditating, or any other soul-stirring, soul-filling ‘thing’.

Perhaps the ‘thing’ is riskier – starting a business, studying a new course, quitting, starting again, breaking up, moving on, moving house, letting go. Perhaps the risk – the fear – is making you wait, hold on, wait for another time, more time, a different time.

Whatever your soul is asking for, it’s really asking:

“What’s your time worth to you?”

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