Pushing gets you nowhere other than tired

So much of our tiredness comes from constantly pushing. Do you feel that? A feeling of always pushing? Of trying to make things happen? To make things better, right or different?

In our society where achieving is king – where having, winning, earning and doing are constant goals – it’s easy to fall into the push-trap. Where you’re always trying to forge ahead, gain ground, move along and fight your way through.

There is no ease in the push. We’re not even aware of it mostly. We mindlessly rise every day and tread the same mill we did the day before without really stopping to think about why we do it or where we might be going (or not going as the case may be).



The push means we are never still, never at ease with the here and now and with what we have. It’s not something we are taught in our society – to just be. We are encouraged from childhood to achieve – to look outside of ourselves for validation through achievement. To look to others for respect through grades, awards, accolades.

As adults we compare our houses, our clothes, our holidays, our jobs, our pay packets, our cars and declare our worth based on how we stack up. When we feel we fall short, we push harder.

We never stop to think is all the pushing necessary and worth it? Should life be about pushing? Or should life perhaps just be?

If we stop pushing and instead choose to enjoy where we are right now, would life perhaps be less struggle and more joy? Easier.

You can still work, achieve, and live enthusiastically without the push. It’s just that if life feels like an uphill battle, it might be time to re-evaluate what it is you are trying to achieve and if there isn’t an easier way to go about it, or if you should be doing it at all.

So how do you stop the push?

–          Release and let go. Sometimes you just have to say: “what will be, will be.”

–          Do you best and know that is enough.

–          Practice gratitude for what you have and who are right now, today.

–          Play more often – do things you enjoy, just for fun.

–          Breathe deeply. Spend time outside. Look at the view. Listen to the birds.

–          Consider your options.

What would you add to this list?


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