Set some ‘Bare MiniMums’ with a worksheet and year planner for 2015

This is without doubt my favourite time of year. It is for many mums, despite the workload, expense and chaos it sometimes brings with it, and that’s because when it comes to giving – in an emotional, spiritual and traditional sense – we are experts.

I am a total Christmas tragic, especially now that I’m a mum. My own mother made Christmas such an amazing part of my life. I am filled with memories of those times, all thanks to mum and her sense of family, togetherness, generosity and love. Throughout my life I have carried the traditions that she created for me and my sister – not all of them still exist as our family is different to what hers was like – but I have done and continue to do, my best to create traditions and a sense of magic for my children that mirror my own childhood experiences.

This is one of the biggest gifts I will ever give to my children. Family. Traditions. Belonging. Joy.

As mothers, we give on so many levels, and whilst I want you to look after you, I understand that we receive something ourselves when we give to those we love. Giving is good (just don’t stress yourself out in the process!).

In the spirit of giving, I have some gifts for you. And I want to encourage you to gift yourself something too – permission to make come choices that will take you further down the road you want to travel.




Now is a time of closure on the year that has passed, and whilst we watch with pride and teary eyes as our children celebrate the end of year they have just finished at school, recognising their achievements, growth and accolades, we fail to do the same for ourselves. We rarely, if ever, stop to recognise and celebrate what we achieved, learned and survived.

When we do that, we can look ahead to next year with a clearer sense of purpose, resolve and excitement.

The cosmic energy of new beginnings that surrounds us as January approaches is something we can harness – to set some intentions for ourselves so that we spend the following 12 months moving in the direction of our dreams and desires. Towards creating a life more authentic to us, and with more space, fulfillment, joy and of course, happiness.

It’s not enough to have dreams and intentions though. You must choose actions to see them come to fruition. With a clear intention, you can set goals or steps to reach it. And then take action on those goals and steps.

So here you will find two downloads for you to use to help do just that. The first is an End of Year Worksheet. It allows you to ponder 2014 – to recognise what went well and also what you want to leave behind – before you think of 2015 and set some intentions for yourself. Take the time to really give it some proper thought – not the ‘at the kitchen sink’ or ‘driving the kids around’ type of thinking. The type of thought when you have quiet and space around you to be completely honest with yourself.

The second download is a Self-Care Calendar to use to plan month-by-month what you will do not only to reach those goals you want, but to also plan what you will do for yourself each month.

In it I ask you to nominate your Bare MiniMums. These are the non-negotiables you set for yourself each week or month – the things, actions or events that you absolutely won’t do without. Some you can forward plan and some you will do on a monthly basis. So keep the printout handy and look at it monthly. Put in there massages, meet-ups with friends and loved ones, holidays, long drives, pilates class, study, bubble baths, meditation – whatever you really want for yourself and you’re committed to not going without next year. Bare MiniMums can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly events.

I dearly hope you find some clarity, motivation and resolve to incorporate more of what you need and what is most important to you next year.

I’d love for you to tell me in the comments – what would your BareMiniMums be? What do you want more of in 2015?

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