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#79: How to be more stress resilient and why it’s important you do

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with Sharon Kolkka

Stress – the ongoing, relentless everyday kind – is something most of us could do with less of, and so I asked Sharon Kolkka to the come on the show for a conversation on about how we can be more stress resilient.

Sharon has more than 40 years experience in the wellness industry, starting out as a fitness instructor in the days of aerobics craze, moving into health retreats and running the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat for 16 years.

Over her career, Sharon saw the wellness field, especially in retreats, turn from being about weight loss to stress relief as guests sought out opportunities not to shed kilos, but gain peace and energy.

She knew that stress hormones had a major impact on weight issues, and she watched as more and more guests started to turn up with digestive issues, also often triggered by chronic stress.

Stress became one of the key areas of focus at Gwinganna, and now of Sharon’s consulting work, where she works to teach people how to be stress resilient – which means understanding what stress actually is, how it affects you and how you can protect yourself from it.

In this conversation, Sharon explains how the body’s stress response is a response to pressure, and how a lot of the pressure we feel each day is actually an internal pressure driven by how we think about what’s happening around us.

The explains the mind-body connection, and how psycho-social stress – where we literally talk ourselves into a stress response – is something we can address in order to turn off our internal stress response.

If you often feel under pressure, rushed, overwhelmed or stressed in general, then this episode is full of helpful information.

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