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#74: Reiki, energy and quiet presence

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with Jasmin Kechel

My good friend Jas Kechel returns to the podcast for a soulful conversation about reiki, energy, healing and the gift of quiet presence.

Jas was on the show right back at the beginning – epsiode #03 – where we had a conversation about using your intuition in business.

Since then Jas sold her very successful candle business, gone through a period of slowing down and being more present with her family, healing from burnout, and reassessing what she was next called to do.

What transpired was a return to her qualifications as a beauty therapist, but also an extension of her reiki qualifications, the addition of sound healing, and the birth of The Jasmin Room, where she offers facial treatments blended with a mix of soulful practices that turns a treatment to an experience. It’s certainly not just skin deep.

In this conversation, I talk to Jas about reiki, the idea of energy healing – meaning healing your energy not using energy to heal an ailment – and how our daily life and some life experiences disrupt our true, natural energy state, to one that is unhealthy and uncomfortable.

Reiki emerged from Japan in 1920, and it’s name literally means ‘universal energy’. Jas talks to us about the precepts behind reiki and how she applied them to her daily life.

Enjoy the conversation.

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