Coming to the end of the year

It’s the end of another school year for us today, so the past couple of weeks have been filled with a series of end-of-year events, awards and presentations. Despite my complaints that it’s all a bit much for kids who haven’t even reached double-digits yet, one thing I can appreciate is the sense of completion and celebration these things bring.

Sunsets are just as important and beautiful as sunrises.

Finishing another year of school not only gives the kids an opportunity to recognise their achievements and triumphs, but to also put behind them any disappointments and sorrows that might have come along during the year. It puts a mental line in the sand so to speak: an underline to the year that was, and frees them to move ahead with a clear vision of what’s next.


This sense of closure and moving on is often lacking in adult life. We might spend some time reflecting on New Year’s Eve what has passed and what we hope lies ahead. We might conjure up a list of goals in the form of a resolution, and we might celebrate the end of the year in the form of a party, but we don’t celebrate our achievements, give recognition to our growth or change, or have some formal acknowledgement of our inherent greatness.

We just keep going, one year flowing in to the next, which can create feelings of futility – that the daily grind is never-ending and pointless, and such a feeling dampens our spirit, subdues our get-up-and-go and puts at risk our desires for the future and present.

Taking some time now, before the New Year is upon us, to reflect and recognise your achievements, to say goodbye to any disappointments and pain of the past year, is a great way of moving in to 2014 with a line marked in the sand. You can create your own closure and celebration, giving gratitude for yourself, your life and your blessings.

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