Ep 015: Competence versus confidence – it’s what you believe, not what you know

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with leadership expert Alison Vidotto

If you have a little voice inside your head who whispers: “I don’t know enough yet”, or perhaps “I’m not qualified enough to do this”, then this episode might just help you.

Women’s leadership expert and author Alison Vidotto joins us to discuss the issue of competence versus confidence, and how it’s the latter that often is the most important ingredient for success.

Alison shares with us the concept of the ‘gender confidence gap’ – how women often have less confidence then men to do a job or succeed even though they are just as qualified or even more so.

A lack of self-belief can erode even the most competent woman’s chances of success – if you don’t believe in yourself, how can anyone else? Self-belief though will give you wings to fly – to put yourself out there, put your hand up and take the risks you need to do to achieve your goals and dreams.

Alison explains to us in this episode, how believing in yourself is necessary to succeed and how to build your self-confidence when you are full of doubts.

She shares with us that confidence is a behaviour, not a character trait, so it is something that can be changed.

Confidence is a key indicator of success.Alison Vidotto

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