Ep 021: Making products and a profit

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with Melanie Sorensen

Many, many SHEs start off in business at the kitchen bench or a home work space making products to sell.

These ‘hand-maidens’ use their artistic talent and put their heart and soul into making products that are both beautiful and boutique but they will often doubt what they do is a ‘real’ business and will struggle with their pricing, undervaluing themselves and their products.

In this episode, I talk with Melanie Sorensen about how to succeed with a product-based business. Mel is a business and marketing coach who specialises in helping small-to-medium product-based businesses and she shares some incredibly savvy info in this episode.

Points from the interview you’ll hear include:

  • Many women making products often think: ‘Is this really a business, can I make a living from this?’ (HINT: yes, you can!).
  • The hidden cost most women don’t factor in when setting their prices.
  • There’s always someone who will want to pay more for a handmade product over a cheap mass produced one.
  • How to show your value over a mass-produced item.
  • The one way to improve your profit margin that most people overlook. (HINT: it has to do with suppliers).
  • How showing your behind the scenes will help sell your products.
There’s value in being a hand-maiden and creating a one-of-a-kind product and you need to believe in yourself enough to reflect that in your pricing.Melanie Sorensen

Enjoy the show!

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