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#66: Fashion, style and body confidence when you’re over 40

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with Jane Corkill and Sally Manhire

Fashion and style when you’re over 40 can feel intimidating or overwhelming when the whole industry is designed for the 20-somethings.

So invited my friends Jane Corkill and Sally Manhire, personal stylists (and identical twins), to the show for a conversation about how women over-40 can approach the idea of fashion and style in a more comfortable and confident way.

It’s a beautiful and fun conversation in which we talk about the absurdity of the notion of ‘age appropriate’ clothing, and how women can ditch the thoughts of being judged for how they look, and instead get to know their post-40 body and what suits it.

Jane and Sal share with us their thoughts on:

  • How women hide away and not be seen because they feel shame over their body;
  • How women who have had a styling session feel surprised to see themselves dressed up and looking good;
  • How many women feel guilty about spending money or effort on themselves;
  • That life is short enough without wasting time worried about what people think of you and how you look;
  • There is no thing as a perfect body.

Jane and Sal reaffirm the message that age doesn’t have anything to do with what you ‘should’ wear – if you want to show cleavage, wear a bikini, have sexy underwear, that’s what you ‘should’ do.

You’ll also hear about the wardrobe audit session I had with Jane and Sal a couple of years ago – I can highly recommend it if you’re like me and find buying clothes a bit of a chore.

Find Jane and Sal:

At their website How Two Style

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