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Ep 026: A strategy for better content – look in the background

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with journalist and show host Rachael Jansen

If you’re putting out posts and content on your website and social media channels but it feels like you’re talking to yourself, then this episode will help.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you a strategy that good journalists and feature writers use – it’s to look at what’s happening in the background to find the colour and depth of a story.

When I’m talking about background, I don’t mean your background as in where you come from – instead it’s what’s happening to the side of your content idea.

If that sounds a bit abstract, don’t worry – on the show I give some examples from my career of looking at the background of an event or idea and finding the depth that helps readers connect and become more invested in the story.

It’s learning to go beyond the obvious and look for the information that your audience will relate to, or the information that paints a more in-depth picture.

It’s the difference between a generic blog post, and one that people will share and engage with.

Some key points from this show:

  • Think about what’s happening on the sidelines of your business;
  • Often the background is where your why is, the emotion behind what you do;
  • The background gives your content character, emotion and depth;
  • When in doubt about what constitutes background details, try acting as an observer and write about what you notice.
The background information is the colour and life of what you’re doing and it’s the stuff people want to read and will connect with on a deeper level. Rachael Jansen

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