Mothers of Influence: Brenda Janschek

One of the loveliest people I’ve met since working in these circles is fellow Institute of Integrative Nutrition grad Brenda Janschek.

Based in Sydney, Brenda’s message resonates with my own and she has been working successfully to help other mums switch to a wholefood diet for their own sake and that of their kids.

Brenda Janschek

Brenda Janschek

Like many women before her, Brenda suffered infertility issues, but when contemporary medicine failed to help, she and her husband went the holistic route, incorporating an organic, wholefoods diet and lifestyle.

Now the mother of two beautiful children, Brenda believes those changes more than a decade ago have improved her life beyond just helping her conceive, but also setting her on a pathway to create positive change for her family, and now other women and their families too.

Brenda and her two beautiful kids.

Brenda and her beautiful babes.

“Those changes helped me to produce really beautiful, healthy kids and I’ve stayed on that lifestyle by eating this way for 12 years,” she said.

“When you make a choice and you’re committed to it, it makes you stop and look at more areas of your life.

“It’s helped me in so many ways – food has been the gateway of deep reflection on my life – how I address my future and how I want my kids’ future to be as well.”

Brenda, who is a finalist in the BUPA Blog Awards this year in the healthy eating category, is another supporter of the 80/20 rule – eating as well as you can for 80 per cent of the time but leaving a little space to take the pressure off.

Understanding exactly what that 80 per cent should be is the key to feeling and looking your best.

“I still have issues come up. I still get stressed or happen to push my 20 percent of my 80/20 rule,” she said.

“I know that eating a wholefood, clean diet really is of utmost importance for me to keep on track and that food does make a really big difference.

“At the moment, I’m following my own Break Through Program, having come out of winter.”

The Break Through Program is Brenda’s new online course for women looking to shift stubborn weight. Produced with naturopath Naomi Judge, it includes covering the critical aspect of hormones in regards to weight loss, especially those last few kilos that don’t seem to budge.

“We had been seeing clients who were frustrated because they had tried everything and were not able to reach their goals,” said Brenda.

“Naomi and I started to create this course together to give them a hand.

“It’s about empowering women and giving them the tools they need to reach their goals.”

The Break Though Program is a 21 day e-course – you can read more and enrol here.

You can find Brenda’s website, and some of her delicious recipes here, or follow her on Facebook here. She often runs workshops for women and kids, so if you’re in Sydney, it’s well worth keeping an eye out for them.

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